Kyu Ki Bhavv Bhagwan hai

Story Behind

“Bhavv,” which translates to “The Price” in almost all Indian languages plays an important role in our daily lives. Our proprietary trading strategies are based on Price Action, hence Bhavv is our go-to bible. This powerful phrase, “Bhavv Bhagwan che” (Price is God), coined by the famous Indian veteran trader, underscores the deep significance of price in our lives. Hence, our slogan, “Kyuki Bhavv Bhagwan Hai,” shows how strangely important it is in our lives.
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Why Bhavv?

In just 3 steps, Bhavv empowers you to effortlessly engage in automated trading while benefiting from the expertise of its AI algorithms
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01 Connect your
broker account
01 Set your risk

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Our Team

Cyrus Hormusji
Nikhil Goel
Founder a.k.a Finance Guru
Mahima Trivedi
Eshan Yagnik
Chief Marketing Officer a.k.a Marketing Maverick
Harshal Subramaniam
Graphic Designer a.k.a Design Champion
Yash Rani
Social Media Manager a.k.a Trendsetter
Nilofar Khan
Content Writer a.k.a Bookworm
Akshata Palkar
Customer Support aka Happy to help
Mursaleen Ali
Prop Trader aka Bull of Dalal Street
Nikhil Mistry
Chief Technical Officer a.k.a Tech Guru
Fairoz Logde
Chief Coder a.k.a Hacker Hai Bhai Hacker
Agnel Stanley
Technical Project Manger a.k.a Tech Dude


We’re here to transform how you interact with financial markets. Bhavv is the most powerful NFT, Bank Nifty and Options Trader with cutting-edge AI technology, we offer a seamless, empowering experience. Our goal is your financial success and freedom – effortlessly achieved while our app manages your trades. Imagine a future where trading is easy, efficient, and rewarding for all.


With our guiding motto of making passive income accessible to everyone, we embark on a transformative journey. We aim to revolutionise how individuals earn a Passive Income and multiply money while simplifying the intricacies of the stock market for everyone.